Creating a Stock Art Product

Creating a Stock Art Product

To create a product you will need a preview image, a title for it, a short description, and the image file that make up the product. The license is automatically generated and included so you do not need to upload one.

The preview image is stored at 300px by 300px and supports any aspect ratio within that boundary. On the gallery page it will resize to anywhere between 130px square to 210xp square, so you want to make sure it is clear at those sizes.

The title has to be unique among your products. It should be short somewhere around 2 to 5 words before it will get cut off on the gallery page. The description can include many more details on the artwork and include a call to action.

Next you set the tags that will be used to find your product. Tagging is core to searching for products on the site. Having complete and accurate tags insure those looking for specific subjects can find yours. The image type tags assume that the resolution of the image is 300dpi and the sizes assume letter or A4 sized paper. The additional tags field is for describing the content of the work. Many of the possible tags are available through autofill, but you are not required to use the autofill suggestions. Each tag should be as simple as possible, one to two words. If your product has orcs in it add the Orc tag. If it has Elves add the Elf tag.

To add files to your product you can either click the add files button and select them from the file window, or just drag and drop them into the box. You can drop them individually or in groups. Once the file completes uploading a green checkbox will appear below the image and you will see a preview of the image. Currently Tiff files do not display properly at this stage, but it will be properly displayed in the product description. Also, files over 10mb have issues where they don’t show the green checkbox.

Once all the files have uploaded press Create Product. You will be taken to a preview of what the product will look like to a customer. You can edit or add more files by pressing the edit button. Later you can find the product listed under your products and choose to edit it there. 

New products are added to a review queue and will publish to the frontpage by the date and time listed, probably earlier.

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