Becoming an Artist

Becoming an Artist

Becoming an artist is simple, all you need is a user account on and to agree to the Artist Account Agreement. You can agree to it by logging in and clicking Become an artist. 

Setting up your profile

Once you have agreed you will be able to set up your artist profile.The first, and most important field is your Attribution. This is how you will be listed next to your work or in the credits by your customers. You want to change this as little as possible so think about what you want to be known by professionally. 

Followed by a place to put an avatar or logo. You can change this at any time.

You have 5 links to work with. These links will be on your artist profile and every product of yours. One of the goals of Tabletop Stock is to create relationships between artists and customers that lead to commissions. So these links are your opportunity to draw customers to your other work. If you are looking for commissions that should be your first link. If you have a patreon or other paid service that should be next. As well as where customers can follow your work on social media.

Last, a paragraph describing yourself, your interests, art style, and whatever else you want customers to know about you.

This is where customers will be directed from products that contain your work, so make it as enticing as possible.

Submitting your first product

Once you have created your profile you will have access to the full artist menu. Click your name in the upper right hand corner of the page and you will see the new menu on your left. You will now have the my products menu where you can create a new product. Once it is created it will be listed in the My Products menu as well as at the bottom of your artist profile page.


The most important part, getting paid. Under the Sales menu you will get a running tally of your products sold. As long as you have a balance over $20 you can request a payout here for sales that are 7 days or older.

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