Artist Agreement

Updated August 8th 2020

By submitting artwork to you are granting a worldwide, sublicensable, non-exclusive license to display, make derivative works, and sell uploaded content on your behalf in accordance with the Product license.

As well as the following requirements.

Intellectual Property

As an artist you agree and affirm that the art you are uploading belongs solely to you. It contains no intellectual property of another entity or contents that have attribution requirements. And that the art is not exclusively licensed to another party. You take responsibility for the legal consequences of uploading infringing content. Uploading infringing content is grounds for terminating this agreement.

You agree to abide by’s content guidelines. Content that violates those guidelines can be taken down by at any time.

Ownership of all uploaded content remains with the artist, and nothing in this agreement or the Product Licenses shall be construed as a transfer of those rights.

Content Guidelines

Products sold on are for a general audience. Works that lean towards the sexually explicit must be tagged with the Pinup tag. Otherwise products may not contain racist, homophobic, discriminatory, views; depictions or descriptions of criminal violence against children; rape or other acts of criminal perversion; or other obscene material. reserves the right to take down any work at any time that they deem to violate these guidelines.


You agree to a 85% royalty of the sale price of a product. will not charge you any fees or other charges for using the site. Payouts are available as long as there is a balance of more than $20 USD of royalties. Payouts will be through Paypal or Transferwise on request.

Royalties will be released for sales 7 days after a product has sold. Royalties will not be paid out for fraudulent sales.

Termination of Agreement

You or can terminate this agreement at any time for any reason. Products that have been uploaded will be made unavailable for sale. Licenses that have been sold before the termination of this agreement will remain valid.